Persephone is a next-generation visualization application developed and used by leading bioinformaticians and geneticists.


Discover the difference between searching textual genomic data and visually exploring where your scientific insights take you!


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Persephone™ makes exploration of genomic data more intuitive, rich and accessible


Persephone – Genome Visualization and Exploration

Persephone™ (per-SEH-fə-nee) has redefined the way scientists and academics view genomic datasets. Persephone makes visualizing and exploring diverse genomic data types easy with enhanced graphics performance.


Persephone™ enables individual users as well as entire institutions to manage ever increasing genomic datasets. The application integrates public and private data with the ability to stack multiple datasets on top of each other; providing consistent long-term accessibility to experiments and data.



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Persephone™ is committed to making meaningful and unique data visualizations