Persephone is a next-generation visualization application developed and used by leading bioinformaticians and geneticists.


Discover the difference between searching textual genomic data and visually exploring where your scientific insights take you!


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Persephone™ makes exploration of genomic data more intuitive, rich and accessible




Persephone has been designed to meet the needs of individual researchers and large organizations.


Complete system can be installed on Amazon Web Services so no additional internal hardware is needed


We enjoy working with customers to bring to life their data through custom installations and integrations of Persephone.

Customer Support

The Persephone Team is here to help make the software work for you and provide the additional value, we feel it provides to us.

User Friendly

Designed based on input from researchers to be intuitive, while still allowing for exploration and finding of new features and functions

Responsive Layout

Designed to provide immediate exploratory capabilities to gain additional insights over a simple search functionality

Custom Designed

Developed over many years with focus on research and performance as critical factors

Visual BLAST

Evaluate BLAST results across the genome to see and better assess gene location and similarity across species

Vertical and Horizontal layouts

Visualize whole genome comparisons down to a single nucleotide variant

Context Coloring

Color coding sample variants based on selected sample or genome reference provides a more visually meaningful assessment of data


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  • (optional) Customizations available

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  • Dedicated software engineering resources
  • Dedicated support, training, and customizations
  • Full control of system
  • (optional) customized to integrate with in-house pipelines
  • (optional) pre-populated database

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